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Gold Kiwi (Jumbo)


Gold Kiwi – Jumbo(3 pieces at $10.00/1 box $50.00)

Country of origin : New Zealand

16 pieces in a box


The Sungold kiwi has that tropically sweet tast, some even tastes like a cross between mango and a strawberry.


Nutritional Value

Low-Cal. Here are some of their slight differences when it comes to nutrition: One serving (two kiwifruits) of Green has 90 calories, SunGold has 110. Green kiwis contain more potassium than a medium banana, while SunGolds have as much as a banana.
Vitamin C. Zespri Green is an excellent sources of vitamin C, containing more vitamin C than an orange and covering a full day’s requirement per serving. Our SunGold™ Kiwi variety has even more Vitamin C than Green — and three times more than an orange!
Fiber. While green has more fiber than gold kiwifruit, they both contain a rare combination of both soluble and insoluble fiber.