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Crown Melon


Country of Origin: Malaysia (Greenhouse Planting)

Available in:

  1. Whole fruit (2 kg ±200 grams)
  2. A carton of 6 whole fruits


The runner of ” T ” form is the symbol of a muskmelon which is also the proof which produce only one fruit in one tree.  This melon is named as ” Crown Melon ” is the best among the muskmelon. Crown melon has beauty of artistic form, fragrance with the scent of musk, plenty of juice, mellow full in the mouth, and smooth touch of the tongue as high-grade melon.

Crown melons are grown in glassed greenhouses. Glassed greenhouses pass sunlight well and they are suitable for melons that require lights. Crown melons are cultivated in the method known as separated bed, so that they are grown only with a certain amount of soil  separated from the ground. This method enables to precisely control the amount of fertilizer and water given to the trees. The separated bed method is crucial to the delicious greenhouse melons because the taste of melon highly depends on the amount of water and the timing of watering. The adjustment of temperature and humidity inside the greenhouse is one of the most important things, and it highly influences on the posture of the tree, the size of the fruit, and the pattern of the net on its surface.

First, only three fruits are grown on one tree, and then carefully choose the one, so that all the nutrition concentrates on the one. Although more than one melon is produced on one tree in other area, only one fruit is produced on one tree for Crown Melon. The producers water once or twice every single day for about 100 days from seeding to picking-up. Moreover, they precisely control the temperature and the level of humidity inside of the greenhouse along the season, the weather, and day/night shift. The adjustment is made by the rich experience and expertise of the producers, as a skilled artisan, and it is perfectly controlled.

The producers puts all of their efforts to grow melons with love as if they are raising their own children. Each Melon has its character and none of them is the same.

Japan has the world’s most expensive musk melon due to stringent growth and harvest, producing the juiciest and tastiest fruit.

Therefore, not to let our consumers missing the chance to taste such a great melon, we worked with our greenhouse planting partners to yield this beautiful tasty fruit and yet paying a much lesser price.


Nutritional Values

Crown melon contains dietary fibre, protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and folate. Refrigerate for a few hours before consumption to bring out the full flavour of the melon.